Somehow I'm Alive (part 3)

Thank you for deciding to read my story. I've gotten some positive comments,so I've decided to keep making these. Writing is my passion and I'm glad to do it.

Also, if this quiz doesn't make sense than you'll have to go back and take the other two. If you don't than you'll be compleatly lost. Please enjoy and leave some comments.

Created by: Topaz

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  1. ***Ryan's Point of View-Saturday Morning*** Today's the day. Mom's getting dressed in her room, Saphire's putting on her make-up, and I'm pacing the floor like a moron. I've never been this nervouse about a kidnapping. What I'd really like to do is call the police, save Jasllina, and free all of the other people that we've kidnapped. However, it can't go that easy. Soon after I tell them everything I'll be linked with the kidnapings. If mom and Saphire go down I'm sure as heck not going down with them. I hear mom's bedroom door open. I don't even have to turn around to see what she's wearing. I know for a fact that she's wearing her long white dress. It's her trademark. By that I mean that she wears it every single time we commit a kidnapping. Despite the danger she enjoys leaving her mark. The only reson they haven't caught her yet is because she always wears a thick leather mask to cover her face. I turn to look at her. If there is one thing I don't want to do, it's make her see me as underconfident. Right now the hem of her dress is pinned up to make it look more like a skirt. Over it she wears a turquoise dress coat. She also has a turquoise hand bag which contains her mask and turquoise shoes. She always cleverley disquises her dress this way. Until right before the kidnapping, that is. A I said before, it's become her trademark. She's kidnapped so many people that it's not safe for her to wear it without her mask anymore. Saphire and I don't wear disguises. Nobody pays attention to us. The woman in the white dress is their prime target. People have nicknamed her the white-dressed woman. How do I know this? She's been on the cover of every paper on the United States, and she's been on America's most wanted four times.
  2. Saphire walks out of the room all dressed up, and takes me out of my train of thought. Truthfully, I'd like to consider myself the normal one in the family. Who dresses up to kidnap people?! It's insanity! "It's time," says Saphire. "Yes, it is time, my dear. This will be our best one yet. The white-dressed woman takes another victum!" "We'll be the most famouse criminals in US history," exclaims Saphire. If she really wants to be famouse why doesn't she write a book?! My mom hand Saphire a wad of cash. "Alright, Saphire. He're some money. Take a bus to the amusement park that Jaslina is having her party at. After the party be sure to lure her to the dock. To let Ryan and I know that you're there just shout out, 'we're here!'" I just roll my eyes. "Yeah, mom, way to take the subtle approach!" I say sarcastically. "Ryan are you with me or against me?!" What I want to say is 'I'm against you and I always have been! You're a crazy lunatic!' Instead I say, "Don't worry, mom. You know that I'm with you." "Good. Now let's go."
  3. ***The ship's parked in front of a dock. Saphire's due to be here any second with Jaslina. Saphire and mom are feeling strong and powerful while I'm feeling helpless. I don't let that show, though. Good acting skills are key in this family. "Ok, we're here!" shouts Saphire. I still can't help but roll my eyes at my mom's idea of code talk. Mom and I come out of our hiding place from among the trees and the shadows. "Saphire, there's no need to yell. I know we're here," says Jaslina with forced politeness. "Yeah, I know that you know. There are others that I need to let know." Jaslina is obviously confused. "Wait. What?" I cast all of my other feelings aside. Anything that I feel that doesn't want to kidnap this girl I throw into the deepest pits of my hidden emotins. Taking a deep breathe, I do what I must do. I charge up to Jaslina and throw her over my shoulder. Mrs.Rowe turns paler than I thought possible, but she still grabs her daughter's hand and does her best to keep her grip. I want to release Jalina right then and tell her to run for her life and get to the police station. However, I cast that feeling aside too.
  4. "Wait! What's going on? No, please! Put me down!" screams Jaslina. "Sorry, I'm afraid that I can't do that Rowe," I say. That came out a lot harsher than I wanted it to. In a panic Mrs.Rowe grabs Jaslina by the arms in an attempt to free her. "Hold, tight Jaslina! I'll help you!" She yells at me, "Let go of my daughter you filthy hooligan!” Suddenly my mother swoops and and knocks Mrs.Rowe to the ground. You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but it pained me to watch it. Once Jaslina's mom is tied up on the ground my mom says, "Ryan, take her to the ship. Sapphire, get my key from my quarters. I shall finish up here." I grip Jaslina tighter and rush onto my family's ship that we bought a year ago. I try to seem as mean as possible in order to put on a show for mom and Saphire, but it's so hard. As I'm running up the dock I can hear and feel Jaslina hopelessly sobbing, and I can hear her mom's sobs off in the distance as well. I wish that I didn't have to be involved in this. I hate doing this. After our last kidnaping I promised myself that I wouldn't ever do this again. Now here I am breaking that promise and destroying someone's life. Again.
  5. ***Jaslina's Point of View*** Ryan drops me on the deck where I land with a loud thump. There is nothing to tie my hands up with, so he squats behind me and grips my wrists together. Tears are running down my face rapidly. What will they do to me?! Sapphire comes prancing onto the deck as if nothing has happened. "Ah, suck it up, Rowe." she growls through clenched teeth. With all of the strength I can muster, I ask, "Why? Where are you taking me?" "Don't ask questions." says Ryan harshly. "All will reveal itself soon.""What do you mean?" My tears come harder as the ship sails further from the shore. There is an anchor coming up, and on it is the woman that pushed my mother down. Now, even through my tear-filled eyes, I get a better look at her. She is wearing a long beautiful V-neck white dress. The fabric is plain, but the gold lace trimming the sleeves and collar make it beautiful. She also wears a mask. It is shiny brown leather with draw-strings at the back to tie it. Her long black hair cascades beautifully over her shoulders and down her back. Now I realize that there is no back to her dress from the waist up. She looks unlike anyone that I have ever met. My tears cease for a second while I'm taking in her full image.The woman speaks to me. "What my son means is you will soon know your destination." She leaps from the anchor landing perfectly on her feet. Clearing my throat I say, "So, you're refusing to tell me?" "Actually yes. I guess we are, aren’t we, child. Or maybe you would like to be addressed as Jaslina Rowe." "You know my name. That doesn't shock me." I'm surprised at my own boldness. "You're very pushy for a person that I can kill at any moment." "Kill me then. It will be better than living my life without my family.""She is a bold one isn't she, Sapphire?” The woman laughs. "Yes. This is why I suggested her. She will not die out of sorrow like the last one." Sapphire replies. Now I start feeling intimidated. They continue laughing at me. "Well then, Ms. Rowe, since I know who you are you should know who I am. I have an actual name, but you will address me by my stage name. I am the White-dressed Woman. It makes sense, doesn’t it?""Yes, very creative, ma'am." I say sarcastically. This has got to be a joke! That is the most ridiculous stage name I’ve ever heard!Her sense of humor goes away instantly. "Ryan, I have had quite enough of her. Take her to her quarters.""You mean the broom closet?" asks Ryan."Yes I mean the broom closet, you twit! Now go!" "Yes, mother." Ryan replies.
  6. I am, once again, thrown over his shoulder. Due to the way I'm positioned, I don't get a very good view of where we're going. What I can see is a dark, narrow, hallway. For a second Ryan stops, and I hear a door creak open. Then it feels like we're going down stairs, but that is probably because we are. This ship must be bigger than it looks, because it takes a very long time to get to the bottom where the broom closet is. At the bottom he sits me on my feet, and pushes me into a closet. As I realize how small the space is, I start freaking out. "No! Please let me out!""Sorry. I can't do that. Well, bye, blondie." I hear his foot-steps go up the stairs.I don't give up though. "No! Please don't leave me here alone! Ryan?! RYAN!!!" I keep uselessly jerking on the door. This is so pathetic. Two hours ago I was at my birthday party having the time of my life. Now I'm here, on a ship locked in a closet below deck. After a while I give up on the door and curl up in one of the far corners of the room. For hours I stare into space in sorrow. My pastor wouldn't ever approve of such self pity. I don't care though. Soon I'll probably be half-way across the world from the U.S. and there will be not a trace of me.
  7. ***Ryan's Point of View*** It's the middle of the night and I can't sleep. All I can think about is Jaslina stuck in a broom closet cold and alone and terrified at my mother's death threats from earlier. She must be so scared. I'm laying on my back on top of my bed deep in thought. Then that's when I think of it; the bibles. Jaslina's a church goer isn't she? Maybe if I gave her a bible it'd comfort her. Yet again, I just can't give it too her in person. Maybe I should write an anonymouse note too and leave it with her. I really don't know what I'm going to do yet. All I know is that I've got to do something to help this girl out. I get up off of my bed and go to the back of my closet and pull back the fake wall.
  8. One thing I should mention is that there is a whole other level to this ship. When we first got this my mom let Saphire and I pick out our rooms. I was messing around in the back of the closet and discovered the fake wall and the secret level. So now it's my own little hidden domain. I shut the closet door and go down the secret stairway to my other room on the secret level. The only reason I have a room there is because Saphire's room is right next to mine. A lot of times she'll watch TV half the night and turn up the volume so it's loud. She thinks it's funny to see me look like a sleep deprived zombie in the mornings. I don't think it's funny, that's for sure. Finally I turn the corner to my other room and turn on the lamp. Two things that I have in that room and not in the other would be a lamp and a desk. I've never much cared about the desk, but tonight I think that It'll come in handy. I think that I will leave Jaslina a note and a bible after all. A note is a little bit risky, but I don't think that it'll do any real harm. How much harm could a little note and a bible possibly cause?
  9. ***Jaslina's Point of View***It's the middle of the night, and I can't sleep. The floor is too hard. In my corner I clutch my hand to try and comfort myself. Right when I am about to drift off, I hear a loud crash on the other side of the door. I sit up instantly. It's probably Sapphire trying to scare me. Then I hear footsteps that stop in front of the door, and a package comes underneath the door. It's a mid-sized package wrapped in gold wrapping paper. For a second I question whether I should open it or leave it. Of course after thinking, what's the worst that could happen, I tear into it. Within the package I am shocked to find a Bible along with a note. As soon as I see the Bible, I know that this is no trick. Sapphire and Ryan's tricks are mean, cruel, and cause physical pain. This is in no way them. Reading the note confirms my theory. This is what it says: DearJaslina, I understand that you have many questions. I am able to answer some of them but not all of them. First of all let me tell you where you are going. There is no easy way to tell you this, but you are now on your way to Saudi Arabia to be sold as a slave. Whether this seems possible or not there really are modern day slaves. Most of them are used for awful things, but you are one of the lucky ones. Your master does not believe in using technology, so he has slaves to do all of the work such as farming and house work. I know that this is difficult for you. So, in order to help you get through this, I've given you a Bible. The Bible can give you more answers than any other source available. Good- bye for now, and good luck. Yours Truly, M.S.G. I read the note over and over again before finally going to sleep. I also tried thinking of people with the initials MSG, but no luck. I don't know anyone with those initials. Even though I don't know who he is, I'm thankful for him.When it comes to the idea of Saudi Arabia, I don't like it. Saudi Arabians are all Islam. What is a Christian to do in an Islamic country? Oh well, it is only another thing to trust God about.
  10. I lay down in my bed. Hopefully now I'll be able to get some sleep. You must admit, I overdid myself with the gold wrapping paper idea. I know I'm able to help comfort her now, but I don't know what's going to happen once she get's sold. If she thinks it's bad now, it's going to be really bad after she's sold. I don't know how I'm going to protect her, but I do know one thing. I'll protect Jaslina no matter what. Even if it costs me everything I'm going to protect her.

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