Someday nothing will be left for us (part 5)

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Hi everyone who reads this series. I hope you enjoy "Someday nothing will be left for us" part 5. Please comment. It tells me wether or not to continue this or trash it. I like to make stories that all of you guys enjoy. Have fun!

You told the guy from you're dreams to leave. A new familar voice is now in you're head that promises you answers. Everyone else in the group seems to be trustingyou more and more each day. You talk with Cole more often. But will your memories ever fully be regained?

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. A month passed on by. You don't dream about the man with the silver hair. You don't gain any more memory fragments. You could say you're life has been going on normal. The guys don't treat you like an outsider though. You one time played chess with Jake. Jerry you played videogames with and you cooked with Maddison. Cole tries to keep his distance but when no one is around you two talk. But you still have the nightmares.
  2. You are drawing a fruit basket in you're room. Someone knocks on you're door. "Come in" you say. It was Cole. "Hi..." he says waving. You wave back with a pencil then continue you're drawing. "So what are you doing?" he asks. "Drawing some fruit. Do you need something?" you ask. "I think I have found something out about the books...." he says nervous for some reason. "What is it?" you ask putting you're notebook away. He leaves and brings a big book. It was old, torn, and dusty. "It's a summoning book," he concludes. "What does it summon?" you ask curious. "I'm not sure. It took me forever to read the first page," Cole states scratching his head. You flip through the pages and don't understand a single thing. "How long have you been studing this?" you ask. "Since you got here..." he says, "I thought you might know. Like a memory fragment might pop up or something." You shake you're head "none....but I have an idea!" You lay down and closing you're eyes. "I don't think sleep will help," Cole says confused.
  3. "Well I've been dreaming about a guy since I woke up in this bed...." you confess. "A guy? Is he like a crush or something?" Cole asks, "And you're telling me now?" "I feel like I should know him but he's always there. He's kind, sweet, and-" you were saying but Cole interupts waving his hand away "Okay you got a crush. But how does you're dreams help?" "He has answers. Maybe if I somehow broght this book in my dream he might be able to read it!" you explain. "I bet he'll say it's a recipe for a cake or something" Cole mumbles. "Here let me try..." you say laying down. You close you're eyes. But nothing happens. You turn to you're side trying to get comfortable. You still are not able to go to sleep. "I use to do it so easily....." you sigh sitting up. "How exactly?" Cole asks. "When I felt unsure, unsafe......sad.....lonely..." you admit. "Really? So he's like you're guardian angel....." Cole says rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Maybe! Think about something like a food fight or a-" Cole was saying but a voice entered you're head. "You call?" it was the guy from you're dream.
  4. "Um can you tell me to go to sleep and bring the book too? Even Cole?" you ask outloud. "Wait what?" Cole says confused. "You sure about that?" the voice asks. "Yes!" you nod you're head. "I'll try..." you then fall asleep.
  5. You are staring at the dark purple sky in the meadow from before. The grass was a shining gold with silver flowers. The moon was full. There was not stars and you were under a tree. You sit up and see Cole and a book. "Where am I?" he asks looking around. "It worked!" you say jumping up. "What worked?" Cole asks. "This is one of the places where I meet him." you say. "Do you even know his name?" Cole asks. You look down "no.....he wont tell me.....I don't know why though..." "What are you wearing?" Cole asks pointing a you're white dress that went down to you're knees. You're colorless flower tied to you're wrist and the bird in you're hair. "It's how I always am in my dream," you say, "Now where is he?" you look around. "How does he look like?" Cole asks standing up he had a white suit. "How did I get in this?!" he looks down. "I dunno...." you look around. "He also has a similar suit as you'res but grey. He has white eyes and silver hair." You say. "Where are you mr.Dream guy?!" You yell. No reply came. A soft cold wind touched you're cheeks. "Maybe something made him mad or something...." Cole says after ten minutes of searching. You then realized something.
  6. "I told him to leave...." you whisper. "What?" Cole asks. "I told him to leave....I accused him of taking away my memories...." you say falling on you're knees. You feel more vulnervable. "You told him to leave? Why?" Cole asks. "A month ago I got fustrated about me not remembering anything. Then I accused him of taking them away. I told him to leave...." you say. "Well didn't he come back to you after that?" Cole asks. "No....he hasn't I havn't seen him since then..." you say. You get up and look at the sky "I'm sorry....I didn't mean it! Please come back..." You say to the sky. You only hear the wind and the moving grass. Right then and there you forgot about Cole and the book and started running. "Come back! Please I didn't mean what I said!" you cry out. Still no reply. "Cali! Wait up!" Cole says running behind you with the book. "Please! I don't want to be alone! I'm sorry!!" you continue to run. You go through the woods. You realize how lonely in the month you were without him. You tried to push him out of you're mind by spending time with the other guys. Maybe that's why he didn't come back.
  7. You run through a couple of bushes. You finally realize that you might never see him again. You didn't want to be without him. You're heart started to hurt. "PLEASE! I'M SORRY! COME BACK! I CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT YOU!" you start to cry as you run through the woods. You see the river where you first saw him when you forgot everything. You tripped on a rock. Someone catches you. "Please......I don't want to be without you...." you whisper softly. "Cahaya.....don't cry....." says a familiar voice. You look up and see him. They man that you told to leave a month ago. His silver hair went over his pure white eyes gently. His flawless skin amazed you as always. He hugged you tigtly yet kindly. "I'm so sorry...." you say burrying you're face in his chest. Cole finally catches up. "You" he gasps. Then looks the young man, "Who are you?"
  8. "Cahaya...." the guy pick up you're chin like before gently. "Don't cry...I'm sorry I left..." he wips away you tear on you're cheek. "I'm sorry about before....I didn't mean it..." you say. Feeling safe once more in his arms. Once you calm down you back away and go to Cole's side. "Okay....I want to know if you can read this..." you say holding up the book in Cole's hand. The man's white eyes looks at it gently. His expression turning sad. "Yes..." he says. "Can you tell us what it means?" you ask. The man grabs the book gently. He flips through the pages rapidly. "It's a summoning book. It summons things from this world...." he concludes closing the book and handing it back. "What type of things?" Cole asks, "and what exactly is this world?" "This world is a parallel one to you're own. That book shows you how to summon anything in this world if you know it's name," he explains carefully. As if he tried not to give out too much information. You nod, "Thank you that's what we wanted to know-" Cole interupts saying "How do you know Cali?" The guy looks at Cole as if he was reading his very soul. "I see her in her dreams..." he replies. "Why?" Cole says. A deer then appeared. It had a ball of light in between it's antlers. "What is that?" Cole asks backing away. You walk slowly toward it. "Don't" the man gets in front of you. "It's just a deer-" you were saying Cole stood by it. "Weird...It doesn't run..." he rubs his chin. He extends his hand to touch the light. "DON'T!" the man turned quickly. The light glowed and a pain surged through you're head. You scream. The voices come again.
  9. "Cahaya!" the guy exclaims. "Get out!" you scream in pain. The voices claw in you're head. Telling you to run. That you hurt everyone around you. Then like a movie the ball of light plays a scene.
  10. You are running with Michael in the woods. You reach a river. Both of you breathing heavily. "We are alive and free!" You jump yup. Michael nods, sitting down on a fallen log. You run to the river splashing it on you're face. "It's not the same..." you say sadly. "This isn't our world...." Michael breath heavily. Putting pressure on his wound. "Your cut!'s going to hurt but bare with me..." you say cupping you're hands and filling them with water. You clean his wound. He flinches. "That hurts you know...." he groans out. "Well it's better then dying," you say. "It's better then being in that place," he says. "So how do we get home?" you ask. "I remember a portal....." Michael say standing up. "portal?" you ask curious. "Yes.....I saw it in this river. When he got me....." he points at the river. "How does it come out?" you ask. Michael walks to the edge and raises his hand. Concentrating really hard. You run next to him and do the same. Then a dark purple vortex appears in front of you. You see you're world once more. "Home....." you say with tears in you're eyes. You two look at each other. "On three!" you both say and run into the vortex. *Two years later....* You're cooking pasta in a house similar to an apartment. There was a bed, a couch, drawers, one closet, a dining table with two chairs and one bath room. You were making the salad. The carpet was long and silky. The bed was a dark green and the bed was whie. The walls were a light cream color going well with the white floor.
  11. The bathroom door opens and out comes Michael two years older. He had on a black t-shirt with grey shorts. His white hair was wet and he smelled like roses. "Ah it feels nice to be clean. My hair doesn't look so grey...." he sighs happily. You look at him with long you're long hair in a braid. It was a hazel brown. Smooth and silky. You had a yellow shirt with white shorts and a green apron. "Now tha=e apartment doesn't stink" you state. "Hey I was not that dirty," Michael says. The lights then powered out. Thunder was heard outside. You jump and drop pasta and sauce everywhere. Michael turned some candles on. "Are you alright?" he asks. You nod and grab his reached out hand. He pulls you up and you fall into you're arms. His arms around you're hips. You hear another thunder strike and jump again. "Hey calm's alright..." he says soothing you. He pets you're head as you stay there like that together. "Hey I dropped my spoon can you get it for me?" you ask. "Sure...." he bends down saying "what do you need a spoon for-" you throw pasta in his face. "I just took a shower!" he exclaims picking up some sauce and throwing it at you. The sauce was warm. You giggle and you both get into a food fight. Getting pasta and sauce everywhere. You then lay on the ground laughing. Michael laughs along with you.
  12. You sit up and face each other. Laughing and giggling. Michael looks at you and puts his arm around you. Dipping some orange sauce down you're shirt. "You didn't!" you say throwing blue pasta in his face. He laughs falling his back. You two get up looking at the mess in the kitchen you two made. For some reason there was some stains on the ceiling. "Nice aim...." you say pointing up. "Wait...." Michael says going into the refridgerator. He grabs a small orange object with red stripes on it. Put's it on you're head gently. "Perect," he says. You bouce it off you're head and stick out you're tonge to eat it. It hit's Michael's head instead. "Fail," you say. Michael touches you're cheek gently and kisses you. You were shocked for a second but you kiss him back. "Cahaya....." he whispers. "Yeah?" you ask. "I love you....." he says softly. You look at him in his beautiful white eyes. "I love you...." you hug each other.
  13. The image fades and the voices stop screeching in you're ears. "Cahaya!" Cole says with concern. You were in the man from you're dreams arms. You look at his white eyes and recognize them finally. "Michael...." you whisper. Michael's expression softens.

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