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  • I agree, this is incredibly stupid, and some didnt make any sense, like the Jet one, he was apart of the freedom fighters, and none of the answers applied, he wasnt trying to kill them (he was gonna drown a whole village though), and he wasnt looking for his parents (they were already dead) and he was not apart of team avatar, i had no idea which one to pick

  • First of all,they only knew anng for 3 seasons, the questions are confusing, a lot of spelling arrows, some of the multiple choice answers are wrong(they dont even have a "none f the above" on it". , e.t.c.

    This person who wrote this quiz is not very smart. maybee they should re- consider their own selves about being an avatar master. Im a real and better avatar master than you..... If I were you, I would re-type this quiz.

  • this quiz is really stupid it is the worst quiz on this site


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