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  • Omg your quiz is the best and I wish you went to my school or lived in my area or whatever you seem soo kind and amazing and one of the rare people that you meet, you know? Anyways, again this was a great quiz and hope yall have a good day! :) Oh and btw, I just created an account here to post this comment so dont mind my username. Its also my snapchat haha xD
    So add me on snapchat if you want

    pollypocket35 May 20 '14, 7:01PM
  • @ Tabsta, HI it's me, Heiki Koboi and I made the quiz! You are nice. ^.^ It's Heiki Koboi (hey-key ko-boy, some people pronounce it wrong! And yes, that is my real name!). Hi! 45%? Oh well! Everyone is pretty - or at least that is what I think.

    Phoebe Nov 14 '10, 5:52AM
  • OMG 45%
    oh well!
    hi girl ive neva met b4!Heiko keiko I think?

    Tabsta Nov 14 '10, 1:19AM
  • this quiz was ok but there couldve been more options or better ones....

    flirtgirl1911 Oct 27 '10, 7:40PM
  • Musicgirl, this quiz is just honest. You obviously aren't 100% beauty queen. What answers did you put? I'll see if they are "bad answers". What do you mean by "bad answers". Tell me all your answers and I'll see if I will change anything.

    Phoebe Oct 27 '10, 4:20PM
  • Bad quiz. I didn't answer any bad answers, and I got like 46%. 1/10 stars.

    musicgirl Oct 26 '10, 9:52PM
  • I'm bla city and I like your quiz. it's pretty cool.

    bla city Oct 26 '10, 5:45PM

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