So you think you know Lisa Simpson

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Football my orange telephone. Soccer my silver television. Basketball my purple guitar. Ice Hockey my black duck. Golf my yellow mouse. Mask painting.

Do you know Lisa Simpson? If you do you can take my quiz.If you do not like Lisa Simpson I have uploaded a Bart,Maggie,Homer and Marge quiz. Have fun!

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  1. On episode "Lisa's rival who is her rival
  2. How old is Lisa
  3. True or False: Lisa is Jewish
  4. Which year was Lisa Born
  5. How many Siblings does Lisa have
  6. What is Lisa's favorite music
  7. What is the name of the Episode when Lisa dates Nelson
  8. True or False: Lisa's first word was Bart
  9. What is the name of Lisa's teacher
  10. True or False: Lisa was tied with Bart of one of the all time cartoon charecters

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