So you think you know Homer Simpson

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Homer Simpson that is what this quiz is about. The best Homer Simpson expert's ''should show there skill'' and be the best of them all. But take my quiz.

Chocolate developed in 1999 but Doughnuts devoloped in 2000 and Homer Simpson loves doughnuts because mouse pad computer footbal my orange telephone today.

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  1. True or False: Homer's Mom is dead
  2. In 2010 Homer was named 2nd greatest cartoon star after......
  3. How old is Homer (18th season)
  4. On episode "Homer's Paternity Cool what is the name of Homer's (posibble) Grandpa
  5. What is Homer's (real not short form) wife's name
  6. How many kids does Homer have
  7. What is Homer Favorite Beer
  8. True or False: Barney is Homer's best friend
  9. Who voices Homer
  10. Where does Homer work
  11. On episode "See Homer Run" What Charecter does he dress like

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