So you think you know Bart Simpson?

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Are you a Bart Simpson expert? Come on if you are you should take my quiz on Bart. I hope you score good. Tell this quiz to everybody and everyone! I hope you pass.

Simpsons was created by Matt Groening. It was 1st on the Tracy Ullman show but after 3 years it got it's own show to shine. Season 22 is being created right now.

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  1. What is the masked Bart Simpsons name?
  2. Who Voices Bart
  3. Which one of these episodes has bart had a girlfriend
  4. True or False: Bart shot Mr. Burns
  5. Which is Bart's favorite cartoon
  6. On episode ''Bart Gets Famous what does he do to get famous
  7. True or False: Bart stared in the 1st Treehouse of Horror
  8. What is Bart's best friend
  9. Where Was Bart Born
  10. Which year was Bart born
  11. On which episode does does bart wishes he has a brother
  12. What describes bart the best
  13. What is Bart's Most Favorite Saying
  14. True or False: Bart has a cousin

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