So you think you know Final Fantasy?

there are those who are born for final fantasy...and those who aren't. which one will you be? hopefully you were born...we have something in common :P! now if youre really eager to learn more, play and watch some more.

play, watch, research and concentrate to clock this quiz. i know this might be hard and it might be easy! theres no shame in being a loser..and good luck with your score!

Created by: Alex

  1. Who is the THIRD person to join your party in the original FF7?
  2. What is Squall's SURNAME? (FF8)
  3. What does Garnet change her name to?(the default name) (FF9)
  4. What is Quistis' Ultimate Weapon? (FF8)
  5. What is the main character's name in FF12?
  6. What is the anime based on FF7 which describes the events of Nibelheim? (FF7)
  7. What is the name of the faction group Rinoa was part of? (FF8)
  8. Which character here suffered amnesia at the start of the game? (FF6)
  9. What is the name of the evil entity terrorizing Spira? (FF10)
  10. Who possessed Sorceress Edea? (FF8)
  11. Which of these WEAPONs is mandatory to fight in the storyline? (FF7)
  12. Who stole Yuna's identity at the beginning of the game? (FF10-2)
  13. Where is Black Waltz #1 fought? (FF9)
  14. What/Who is the final boss? (FF9)
  15. Who dies at the end of Disc 1? (FF7)
  16. Who is the leader of the 'Sephiroth' trio? (FFAC)
  17. What is the name of the Garden Squall comes from? (FF8)
  18. Who is the king of dragons? (ALL)
  19. Who is Sephiroth's father? (FF7)
  20. Who does Squall resemble in the 'dream world'? (FF8)
  21. Who is Seymour's mother? (FF10)
  22. What is Red XIII's real name? (FF7)
  23. Who is the final boss? (FF4)
  24. What is the name of the Don? (FF7)
  25. Who is forced to marry Seymour? (FF10)
  26. Who loves hot dogs a lot? (FF8)
  27. Which eidolon helps Garnet regain her summoner powers? (FF9)
  28. Who was Tidus' father? (FF10)
  29. What is Seymour's final form? (FF10)
  30. Who is Rikku's father? (FF10)
  31. Who is the main villain? (FF6)
  32. Who is the final boss? (FF10-2)
  33. What was the name of the desert castle near the beginning of the game? (FF6)
  34. Who killed Aeris? (FF7)
  35. Who is Vincent's lover, Hojo's wife and Sephiroth's biological mother?
  36. What did Ultimecia use to travel through time? (FF8)
  37. Which temple did Yuna attain the aeon: Valefor, from? (FF10)
  38. What is the strange power which increases people's powers? (FF9)
  39. What is the strange substance that spawns monsters? (FF9)
  40. What is Cloud's surname? (FF7)

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