So you think you... can ride English style?

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There are lots of people who have sat on a horse for two minutes, and call themselves riders. But are they? A true rider would know the answers in the following quiz and more...

So are YOU a true English style rider? Try the quiz and find out! You might know more than you think. There, of course, is more to riding than the quiz, but it's just a bit of fun!

Created by: CobGurl

  1. What is the thing you sit on which goes on the horse's back, often made of leather or a synthetic material, called?
  2. What is the correct order of letters in a standard riding school arena (NOT one for dressage)?
  3. What is the ideal position for a rider's feet whilst in the saddle?
  4. What size is a circle that passes through the letters in the following order: C, M, X, F, C
  5. Which of these is NOT an eventing phase?
  6. What are the usual aids to ask for canter?
  7. When jumping, do you:
  8. It is correct to ALWAYS work your horse in an outline, no matter what it is doing -- true or false?
  9. Which of these are ALL parts of a standard English-style bridle?
  10. How is it best to teach a young horse to jump, English-style?

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