So you think that your funny

Welcome to my quiz zone! Find out if you're the next American fun-ster. .... Or not..... Please comment if you want us to make more So you think you are....

If you really wanna know if you are funny, take the quiz to find out if you're really funny or your friends are lying. Please comment again. Yay. Woot woot. This quiz is DA BOMB DIGGITY.

Created by: rockerchick12
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  1. Which joke would you most likely tell?
  2. When you're telling a joke,, where do people look
  3. Has anyone ever complimented you on your jokes?
  4. How often do you tell the same joke?
  5. Your friend is sad. What do you do to Cheer him/her up?
  6. Your enemy embarrasses you at school in front of a lot of people. How do you respond?
  7. Everyone is doing a hard assiment and is in a really bad mood. What catchphrase would you use.
  8. How funny do you think you are?
  9. The best joke I've ever told...
  10. Will you comment?

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Quiz topic: So you think that my funny