How Ster like are you?

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This quiz was based on non other than the most famous Sters, Fluttershy and Flutter Butter. This quiz will define has Ster like you are with your sister.

Answer every single question honestly if you want to get an honest result at the end. Have lots of fun playing this quiz! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Hannah

  1. How much do you love your Ster?
  2. Do you often spend time with you Ster?
  3. Do you like the same things as your Ster?
  4. When did you last compliment your Ster?
  5. Are your names quite similar?
  6. Do you look similar to you Ster?
  7. Are your voices similar?
  8. Do you enjoy you Ster's company?
  9. Do you always seem to agree?
  10. Do you and your Ster share the same friends?

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Quiz topic: How Ster like am I?