So Ya Think Yer Kewl?

Many people think they are "all that" and they go braggn an junk. Or if your feelin down and need some inspiration this quiz will determine if you are kewl.

Some are kewl. Some are not. Some are losers who should stay away from the public. Only one person can determine if you are kewl or not. Not me, not Michael Jordon, not Michael Jackson. Only You...

Created by: Ultra Queen Fan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Alright! Lets see if ya kewl! Do ya walk around with shades?
  2. Next! How pop are/were ya in school?
  3. Okay! Ya got some friends? Pukey??
  4. How strong are ya soilder?!
  5. Hey String Bean! Shut it! How long is it till ya loose yer temper like me.
  6. Oh no you ain't done! You get back in that chair! Favorite music genre?
  7. Fav song Pukey?
  8. Ya know who Paul Rodgers is? Huh String Bean?!
  9. Ya play an instrument?
  10. Had enough Pukey and String Bean?
  11. Last one's up next!
  12. Sike! What is Ultra Queen Fan's favorite song?
  13. What is the first line of Stairway to Heaven?
  14. What is Ultra Queen Fan's favorite guitar song?
  15. (2)
  16. Fav gem?
  17. What do you want most?
  18. (Final) Do you believe we can make it!

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