SMG4 trivia quiz

SMG4 is a funny youtuber who has been on youtube since 2011, his most popular video has over 40 million views and as of today has over 1.6 million subscribers

But do you know anything about SMG4? This test will ask about characters, videos, and other stuff take this test to find out if you are a true fan or don't even know who SMG4 is

Created by: HI

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  1. What was SMG4's first video?
  2. Who is the most retarded character in SMG4
  3. Oh boy, this a make me so _____
  4. What did toad do in the end of Toad gold
  5. What describes fishy bopkins
  6. What is the most popular video of sml
  7. What was the 1 million subscribers special
  8. When did war of the fat italians start
  9. Which series has the most sequals
  10. And finally which one of these characters are youtubers

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