Sly Cooper Quiz

First off I want to say thank you for every one who took the quiz but your not sly but thank you for taking the quiz ill try to make more thank you all.

You have the brains about sly but you need to try harder to be him good luck to every one who took my quiz thank you all and ill try to make more for all you fans.

Created by: piky1010

  1. Who is the badest in the claw gang?
  2. Who is the sneakiest in the game?
  3. What is slys main weapon?
  4. Who is the strongest in the gang?
  5. Who is the demolition expert in the gang?
  6. Who is good with fireworks?
  7. Who is good with rc stuff?
  8. How long has sly had his cane?
  9. When did the gang meet?
  10. Who is the driver in the gang?

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