Silver Woods Love (part 3)

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Hey guys! This is my quizzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked really hard on it and I hope you like it, so many people do these kind of quizzes, and I love writing stories,

so I wanted to do one like it, I think I did a good job and i hope you think so too. I love tacos by the way. Remember that squirrels are people too, people with buck teeth and bushy tails! dont judge!

Created by: twibrite

  1. Ok, so you finally wake up after the attack happened and you expected to be safely back at the boys house and in bed, but your eyes open and your in A bed, just not your bed. blue sheets and a yellow cieling, definately NOT your room. You must stiil be with the creep Trevor.
  2. you try to get up but realize that your wrists and ankels. you hear the door open and immeadiately drop your head as if you were still out. You hear heavy footsteps, andthen trevors voice, "Ok guys, wake her up." you tense instinctivly as a bucket of water is thrown over your head. You splutter and cough. Trevor smirks and you hear one of the two guys say, "Umm, are you going to let us..." Trevor nods and says, "Yes, she may as well donate while shes here, go now."
  3. Trevor walks over and looks down, you immeadiately close your eyes. you here him chuckle and say, "What, dont trust me?" "no!" you say "im not going to hurt you! come on, open them." "No!" you shout, but its getting harder and harder to keep them closed, your fighting a physicle battle. finally he says, "ok, im not THAT patient. he throws back the sheets and jabs you in the side pain shoots through your side and your eyes fly open."Hey! Watch i...."
  4. he has you in his gaze, again. he laughs, "This is just too easy! they said taking you was going to be hard! they were wrong." you mange to say,
  5. "What are you going to do to me?" "Wow, youre stronger than i thought, dont speak anymore." you shut your mouth bt inside you screaming. "I will answer your question though, im not going to hurt you, if thats what your thinking, well, those two guys that were in here, they are rephriam, but they are the kind of things mortals call, *vampires*, but they do have to drink blood, and yes, they are going to, ah, use you. but dont worry, it wont hurt." he chuckles again. "Now, i guess because im, ah, like i am, that you wont choose me over the other guys."
  6. "i could just tell you to choose me right now, but i wont, im going to make it fun for me, but not for you." (ok, before, he was just looking at you, not looking straight in your eyes. now he is, and your reaction is startiling, you suddenly feel exposed, and vunerable.) "So, just one thing, *in the same commanding voice you heard when he maked you sleep last night* "The longer you stay here, the more you will fall for me." then he looks away. "Okay bye!" he says and walks out. he sends the two guys in from before.
  7. The two guys walk up to the bed and you cringe away, they laugh and the one with black hair moves your hair away from your neck and the brown haired one says, im first dimitri." black hair, dimitri, nods grudgingly, and then brown hair has his mouth on your throat. Dimitri says, "dont worry, it wont hurt. much" you cry out as a sharp pain shoots through your neck, its like hot molten lava that flows through your neck. then, its gone, replaced by the most intense pleasure youve ever felt. then its gone as brown hair pulls away, then black hair bends down, and its there again, then you black out.
  8. you wake up slowly, blinking drowsily, the sheets are back around you. (ok, so you know when you have a crush on someone, and you spend a long time just wanting to see them, well, this is how you feel about....) the first thought in your mind, *I wonder where Trevor is?* and your eyes fly open with shock. in the back of your mind, your crush for ------- is still there, but it is quickly being washed away by your crush for trevor. you wildy try to get out of your bonds when the door opens. its.....
  9. Its Trevor! (me-you thought it would be a cliffhanger didnt you?) He smiles, because he sees the smile that you cant stop. he walks over to the chair next to your bed and sits down. "I should probably tell you, that eveytime, i get close, like hug or kiss you, the speel strengthens, but you probably dont care right now." you cant say anythign, he leans in and is about to kiss you, but you manage to jerk away. he grabs your head and jerks you back around, looking in your eyes. "Nope, stay." and you cant move anymore. this time he does kiss you, hard, the last thought of defiance flys from your mind. the kissing just started to get deeper when the door flew open.
  10. Its the boys! Trevor pulls away and spins around with a death glare. he growls when he sees they are all wearing dark sunglasses. (me-im awesome!) You see davids eyes fly open and he yells in anger. next thing you know david is fling rocks at trevor and tanner is breaking your bonds, while claeb blew, yes blew, a whole in the wall. You hear trevor say, "Whoa! david! you guys go ahead and take her." tanner has you in his arms now, carrying you to the hole. david keeps his hands pointed at trevor as he backs away. youre through the hole now, and you hear trevors final shout before you pass out, "She'll come back! she cant help it!" then blackness.
  11. Cliffhanger! come back for part four???plaes? comment and rate?

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