Silver's Pokemon Challenge Quiz:

This is a Quiz I made just for fun, i tried to make it hard. There are soem questions that I didn't know the answer my self. If you get higher then 60% then you are really good in my opinion. Well basicly I think is B.S that I have to write a paragraph just to post a simple quiz, it sucks like the dumb human who put this rule.

Well here we go again, doing another paragraph, them this website sucks! xD Well anyways do you think you can guess the question on the first try??? if you do your are really good, i actully wonder if anyone will get all of them right on the first try =/

Created by: Silver
  1. What shiny pokemon has appeared in the pokemon show?
  2. What None Water pokemon of Ash can use surf?
  3. Who is Togepi's original owner?
  4. What Pokemon did Brock Catch that was never seen again?
  5. What pokemon of Misty is nicknamed "Casurin"?
  6. Who is stronger? (By overal)
  7. What pokemon is stronger? (Over all)
  8. What pokemon has the highest atack stat?
  9. What pokemon did Jessie had in the past?
  10. What pokemon was Professor Oak's pokemon starter? Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle)
  11. What was the first pokemon ever seen? (In the first episode)

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