The Pokemon Quiz

Pokemon is loved all around the world. however, mainly in these countries. U.S, Japan, Canada, Greenland, and Poland. Pokemon was created from the genius mind of Satoshi Tajiri in Japan. He has come up with every little pokemon this world has come to love. Including Pikachu; the worlds favorite.

Do you like Pokemon? Do you hate Pokemon? Have you ever even heard of Pokemon? Well this quiz will tell you if it should be your hobby! Come and try! It's only an easy 20 payments of $1 to play! No shipping or handling either! What a deal!

Created by: Max J
  1. The Season which used to be called Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is now called...
  2. If the makers of Pokemon let Ash actually age rather than still be the same age, how old would he be on October 3rd, 2014?
  3. "PIKACHU. THE ________POKEMON"
  4. The boss of Team Rocket, Giovanni, always wears an orange suit. But in some video games, he wears a _____ suit.
  5. "Gotta _____ em all! Pokemon!"
  6. There are only 2 Pokemon "Centers" in the world as of May 3rd, 2008. Where are they?
  7. Everyone knows what Ash's name is, but what is his mothers name?
  8. If you know what Ash's mothers name is, you certainly know his mothers only Pokemon's name!
  9. True or False? At least one of the Pokemon "Centers" is mostly half Pokemon, mostly half Nintendo stars and consoles.
  10. If the last question was true, then which floor is mostly Pokemon stuff?
  11. ~~BONUS QUESTION!~~ What are my 4 favorite Pokemon in order from 1st to 4th?

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