Silent Night. *Part 2*

Your really awesome! :D Please come back if you like this quiz, 8D Love you all! *Waves* Bye!! Love you all No homo! :D Please come back! Please! please!

Your really awesome! :D Please come back if you like this quiz, 8D Love you all! *Waves* Come back soon x3 I love you ALL NO HOMO :DYour really awesome! :D Please come back if you like this quiz, 8D Love you all! *Waves* Come back soon x3 I love you ALL NO HOMO :D Please comment :D

Created by: Xx 3mo_Star xX
  1. Mk so where were we? Oh yeah, so Mom walked in and started screaming, dad came in and smiled cooly, and everyone else was still sleeping, so yeah xD
  2. "Mrs. Siloh...---" Cody started but got cut off, "Shutup!" Mom said, "MOM!" I screamed and all of the sudden, these random dudes jumped in and grabbed and Cody, (Me:still in pjs so dont worry) and poof in a matter of seconds. (Me: with you and cody of course xD)
  3. I woke up in this room on a bed, the room was a pretty light blue with white and black stuff, the bed was suprisingly rainbow. I got up, and went to open the door, just as I did this dude fell on me. "OW!" I said as I rubbed my face, "Well hello there" said a mysterious but familiar voice from the body below. I turned around and saw Collin, my other friend since like 1st grade of whatever. "Collin!" I gasped as I strangled him into a bear hug, "Can't breath..Jay let go" he said, "Sorry" I said as i plainly got off him.
  4. "Its okay" he said as he chuckled, "Where have you been? where am I? What happened? Did'ya miss me?" I asked, "I've been in....BRAZIL!!!!! Your in Alaska, I don't really know myself, and YES!!!!!! I think I would miss my girlfriend" he said as he winked, me and Collin have had this 'thing' going on, or at least thats what everyone else thinks.
  5. Me and Collin went to the main room in the house, to see Cody, and 3 other dudes. Wanna know who? :3
  6. Mk there was Collin, (duh) Cody, (DUH), Jason, Tim, and... DESI ARNESI! :D you: REALLY? :D (Me: NO YOU *** NO OFFENCE. xD) anyways, and Zack. Jason had golden hair with lovely greenish/lime eyes. Tim with Red hair, and yellow eyes. and Zack with Blond hair with blue, black, white, and neon green highlites.
  7. "Hey Jay" Jason said. "Hi, um...?" "Jason" "Oh, Oh right." "We have something to tell you Jay," "Yesh?" "Your a supernatural" "HUH?!?!"
  8. "You can control the elements, ya know like Fire, Water, Earth..Yeah," he said, "Mk.. Um." Right after that I fainted, waking up on the couch. "I think she's awake" I could hear Cody's voice. I blinked and looked around, just to be wrapped into Cody's lovely bear-hug. "How long was I out?" I asked curiously, "1 year" Collin said. "Huh?!?!" I said as I rubbed my head feeling a bump, "Joking, you were out for like 2 weeks, and the bump on your head is because you fell after you fainted." He continued.
  9. "Oh Mkay" I said as I pushed Cody off and stretched, got up and shooed all the guys away, but Cody wouldn't budge. "Ya know I have seen you naked many times before, and I'm not going to stop today" Cody said as I got some clothes out of the closet that was in there. "I know" I said as I started putting my underwear on but...
  10. "We never finished what happened back in Florida" he said as he walked over to the door and locked it, then walked over to Then he dragged me onto the bed and started taking his clothes off, he started grabbing me in-between the legs.
  11. We were making love, like we tried to in Florida. Then, of course there was a knock on the door. "Jay are you okay? I heard you crying" Zack said, and tried opening the door. "I'm fine Zack, thanks for your concern."
  12. Im gonna leave 'ya hanging here. :3 Part 3 will be out soon :D please comment/rate whatever, and I will add characters if someone asks :3 Tell me how I'm doing ^-^ Bai :D

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