Shoutouts for GoToQuiz Users.

Hey guys, Kuro here with another one of her fantastic quizzes! This quiz is a shoutout quiz for all of the people on GoToQuiz that I strongly admire.

So yeah, that's about it. I hope you all have a nice evening, tonight~ Easter is tomorrow, horray! Aren't you excited for Easter Day, tomorrow?

Created by: Kuro Neko

  1. Jill (LetsBeFriends). She is always a pleasure to be around, and she always puts a smile on my face with her happy attitude.
  2. Alex (ItsAlexxxxx). He's always so friendly, and he's great to soap with.
  3. Weaux. He has a great sense of humor, and he's a really cool person to hang out with.
  4. Ale/Alejandro (rockstar98). He's very fun-loving, and he's so--epic!
  5. Selena (Selena112). She's an incredible person, no wonder everyone likes her so much!
  6. LSW (LoneShadowWolf). She has supported me SO much through my time here on GoToQuiz. She is really a best friend of mine.
  7. Ashley (Ashl3y). She is so nice and funny, I'm her little poet kitty~!
  8. Icee (ICEE_CHILL). She is fun-loving, friendly, and a cool person!
  9. Darkness (Dark22978). She is a good role-player, soaper, etc. She is also very nice!
  10. Andi (SugerCube). She is an incredible soaper, and is a really great person!
  11. Rain (RainInTheShadows). She has really supported me for a little while, and she is a really nice person!
  12. Ever (everlowe). Me and her might have recently became friends, but she is a really amazing person!
  13. Ember (dragon ember). She is a really nice person, and fun to hang out with!
  14. Dino (dino gal). She is a really cool and nice person!

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