The Geeks shoutouts

Here are some of my shoutouts to various great people of gotoquiz. I missed some people don't worry I love you too probably I was sleepy. I thought about listing the people I hate but that would be depressing.

So um this is akward. I have nothing to say yet want it to sound clever. Normally I talk about toiletry habits but why not just say..woah almost done. Finished.

Created by: The Geek
  1. First shoutout goes to nialler34. She was the first person I was friends with on this site even though we were newfags. Now that we are both semi respectable gotoquizzers we're still friends.
  2. Next shoutout goes too zomgirl. Next person newfag geek was friends with after nialler.
  3. Rockstar old buddy old pal first met him as alejandro98 and found him again months later. Recently we've been having great fun
  4. Now comes swaggirl We hae lots of assorted fun across assorted things.
  5. Now comes Hikaru Katsu. He is awesomest hikky out there.
  6. No shoutout would be complete without The Geek himself. He kicks butt.
  7. Barberbob2 may have left but his legacy lives on.
  8. Zane is Here is here!
  9. Carri04 is just hillarious.
  10. Some random people I care about. Tenten, tongue, appayipyip, dark22978, viktor, and assorted wolf people.

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