Shout outs (With rat Leah!)

Sally sells seashells by the sea shore say dat three times irl without messing up its impossible for me its like: Sally sells sea by the sea shore, shshshshshshshhss. Like I can't say it twice at all


Created by: My_Wolves

  1. Im sorry if I forget some of you wonderful people or animals or whatever you are!
  2. First. Sonics Tails Lf
  3. Second. Horror Lives 2
  4. Third. Tremendus (if that's spelled right) Im aware some of these people I barely know I just need more questions
  5. Fourth. Derecho
  6. Fifth. Creative queen for commenting on my first quiz
  7. Sixth. Willowtailkit for commenting on my first quiz too
  8. Seventh. Ummmm.. Sam.. Why did you add Alet to my cards? Sam: Ehhh cuz she is pretty cool
  9. Nine-th. Magik wolf
  10. Okie thats all for now im sorry if I forgot you but if you wanna be in part 2 comment, do more of my quizzes and support me

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