Which Sally Face character are you?

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This quiz is basically just a Sally Face quiz since I was bored and hopefully you are happy with your result-- (this is my first time using this website you don't come at me if you didn't get who you wanted)

I also had legit no idea for some questions so sorry if these questions aren't the best- (If you have ideas for future Sally Face quizes I might make please try a way to tell me)

Created by: Travis
  1. Who's your favorite Sally Face character??
  2. What do you possibly do in your free time?
  3. What describes your personality?
  4. If YOU were Sal.. who would you hang out with?
  5. You see a ghost! You....
  6. You see some kid fall while you're out shopping. What do you do?
  7. Your friend asks if they could paint YOUR nails! What do you say/do?
  8. Favorite Color?
  9. Favorite SF ship?
  10. Lastly..... Do you believe in the paranormal?

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Quiz topic: Which Sally Face character am I?