Shout out to my BFFA Marceline 101!! :-)

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4u marcey n hope u enjoy click on the first answers and u no the rest idk what to say now more characters so annoying all these characters man like no fair MA BROOM!

Enjoy girl n still more characters thats a shame why me why me ugh still more freaking characters does make no loving sense ugh why all these freaking characters!

Created by: CA Cupid

  1. Hi! This is C.A. Cupid! This is a shout out quiz for my BFFA Marceline 101! Thanks so much Marceline! I'm glad you like all of my quizzes! I like all of yours, too! I commented on the team Marceline and team Bubblegum one! I got PB btw! You're awesome! I promise to put you in my next quiz! Be proud! But one more thing! Please don't suck my blood! LMWO! (Laugh my wings off) P.S. Click on the first answers!
  3. Adventure Time! Come on, grab your friends! To go to very distant lands!
  4. Jake the dog and Finn the human! The fun will never end!
  5. Adventure Time!
  6. Hey, Marceline! Ya vampire queen!
  7. That's okay! BFFA's forever after!
  8. PB or Marcey?
  9. Finn!
  10. Watch the Call Me Maybe Parody! It's so hilarious!
  11. Make a butt mouth! :3
  12. Rate n definitely comment! 4 u Marcey! Bye!

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