Team marceline or team bubble gum

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Okay so this is Finn right now on marceline's account yeah I know crazy but marceline and bubble gum are in a fight because bubble gum had a head ache but didn't tell marceline and so they got into a fight

Because Marceline played her music to loud now u pick Which team your on,on marceline's account poll and do it and do it hear and figure it out plz rate and comment too fin out

Created by: Marceline 101

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Red or pink
  2. Do you follow your heart or stick with the books
  3. Are you a gamer nerd or geek
  4. Fave food
  5. Do you like marceline or bubble gum
  6. Queen/king or princess/prince
  7. Cats or dogs
  8. Whic team would you pick
  9. Ok last question cool colors or warm colors
  10. Dude you know done

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