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  • I liked it! Thanks for the shoutout! The only thing I didn't like was question 10 through 12. I hate it when people do that. It takes the class and stuff out of the quiz. Here's a trick so you can make quizzes under the 12 question limit

    Step 1. Do the quiz

    Step 2.For the questions you don't need, just type something random

    Step 3. Once you get to the summery, go to the typing random questions and click on edit.

    Step 4.Delete those questions
    Step 5. Repeat for the typing questions
    Step 6. Your Done!!!:D

  • Aww thanks I was thinking about stopping the ability quizzes but I'm going to complete them since you like them so much have a cookie

    Puppet master12
  • Thx for my shout out Cupid check out my later quiz I think you'll like it :}

    Marceline 101
  • Thanks :-)

    CA Cupid
  • I liked it. ^.^

  • Hope u likd it! Cause guess what?! U deserved it! :-) Comment me back! :-)

    CA Cupid

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