Shout Out Quiz [2]

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Created by: CindyTheCat

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  1. The first shout out goes toooo...... Girly Gothic! You are one of my best friends on here so you deserve this
  2. The next shout goes to.... 0700! You are my favorite person to creep out with a and that is why you're on here
  3. Okay so my third person will be..... Eyeless Jackie! You are a really fun person and I love rping with you on the stage
  4. And now here is the fourth person.... Ello! You're super cool and I hope you stay so please don't leave
  5. And my last shout out goes to.... Slayerbrine! You are a great friend You're a little annoying sometimes, but so am I
  6. Alright that's it I'm sorry it is so short I will be making another one of these so don't worry if you are not on this one
  7. Did you like this quiz?
  8. Should I make more quizes?
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