Shout Out Quiz 2!

This is My second SHOUT OUT QUIZ so I hoped you enjoyed it and if you were not added then I hope to talk/see you in the future PLZ rate and comment. BYE

Are you in this quiz. Cause if you are in it all I want to say Is thank you for being my friend and look forward to talking to you guys soon. Plz RATE AND COMMENT

Created by: GoGirl123

  1. The First shout out goes to...Girly Gothic! You are one of my BFF here on GTQ so I wanted you to be here first
  2. The next person is DRUM ROLL PLZ... ello! Your such a great friend here on GTQ and just like that your here on GTQ
  3. RubyHeart is the next person. I love your personality and your a great friend. You are also a funny person
  4. The next person in the shout out quiz 2 is...eyeless Jackie! Your a great friend, and have a great sense of humor. Thanks for everything you do
  5. The next person is Rvelez!!! Your a great person to me even though we barley talk to each other. I hope you see this
  6. The next person is....Ghetto! Your a really great person. We don't really talk a lot but when we do I don't want to stop
  7. Meow! I mean CindyTheCat is the next person! Your a great friend even though we only talk very little. I barley know you but you seem like a good friend
  8. The next person is...Katie Lalonde 37! Your a great friend and hope to see/talk to you soon. I miss you
  9. Percie is a great person to have as a friend on GTQ (I think we are friends) So that's why I'm adding her here
  10. The next shout out goes to Slayerbrine! I have only talked to you once but you seem like a good friend
  11. The Last Person Is Random101! I only talked to you once but hope to talk to you in the future!
  12. I have heard that Dark Is Back. I also wanted to mention that Ghetto you may not remember me but I remember you
  13. Since This is a last questin I have heard that xxx brain xxx and zeronight shade are leaving I just wanted to add them here and all of us will miss them dearly

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