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Created by: boss baby2
  1. Okay, first shout goes to Dragons fire- You are the best user. I love having conversations with with you. I've never told anyone this- You are my BEST FRIEND on G.T.Q and, the only user that I've met in real life
  2. Chameleon Leap, I've tried talking to you. Well, you are a cool user. I hope to have conversations with you.
  3. Then, next is Eggaly. Well i think you are Keyboard_Cousin. I don't like you because you got Hell on my quiz. But we'll get along.
  4. Elizabeth Adams- Cool! You have a cool username and cool photo! We will have conversations in future.
  5. Zilla!!!!!!! I've always liked your user name! I've not had a real conversation with you yet. But you are awesome!
  6. Sprinkled Spice, I've heard your're in over 40 role plays! I don't know what else to say.
  7. CuteBoy123 - I feel cold when i see your username. You are a lair. You broke my heart.
  8. Then shout out to all MODS
  9. Special shout goes TO Dragons fire!

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