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  • Hey.
    "Dear Reader, How are you and how have you been? I hope you have been doing well. GTQ is a really good site and the forums ar"
  • The Argosi
    "Goodbye GTQ. I hope i may never come back to this site ever again. And, nobody even remembered my birthday."
  • "Hi!"
  • The Argosi
    "I don't belong here."
  • "How is my account not under good standing?"
  • "I've encountered something. The word search size buttons are joined together on mobile. And the search game page only says this"
  • GTQ Shout outs
    "I take it xD. I'll find time over the weekend to make the quiz."
  • GTQ Mage's Duel
    "That's true. Well, we could change that. What are your suggestions?"
  • yukii+lucy's thread
    "I agree with the mods."
  • GTQ Mage's Duel
    "Thank you."
  • GTQ Shout outs
    "And when i've got it sorted out, ChameleonLeap (i've forgotten if they posted here) is not going to be in the quiz."
  • GTQ Shout outs
    "Y'all don't get it. I need facts that can be constructed to questions. Not silly facts. If you take the old users quiz, you'll understand."
  • GTQ Mage's Duel
    "So, based on a book i'm reading, we're all Jan'Tep (people with magic). We were all born with six bands. Ember Water Iron"
  • The Argosi
    "Yeah, thanks for"
  • GTQ Shout outs
    "I think that's 5/6. Not enough. Who wants to be in the users quiz? Please post somethings about yourself."

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