the most hardest quiz in the world!!!

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many people love challenges some times they always win sometimes they always lose and if they lose they always try again every one always wants to win.

then this is just the right quiz you will always come back, when you take this quiz you will find out what i mean. good luck!!! and please do rate and comment

Created by: boss baby2

  1. if five people can finish three cups of rice,how many cups of rice will 35 people eat at the same rate?
  2. find the median of these numbers 10,2,8,4 and 6
  3. divide 620 by 20
  4. amphibians are animals that live on both ---- and----
  5. forces are classified into ---- group[s]
  6. which part of air supports burning?
  7. a bulb that has been on for some time will be -----
  8. there are ---- seasons in a year
  9. newly hatched fish is called ?
  10. there are ---- seasons in a year
  11. air is a mixture of -----
  12. newly hatched fish is called -----?
  13. which of the following is a legume?
  14. how many time will 0.2 go into 800
  15. the female part of a flower is called -----
  16. add one dozen,score and a gross =----

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