Shout out quiz #1

Are you 1 of my friends. Well then if you are then come and take this quiz that I made. If not then come and talk to me. I like talking to new people all the time.

If you are one of my friends and if I didn't have you name in this quiz then I'm sowy I didn't mean to forget your name in this. I want you to. Tell me personally.

Created by: Chocolate01

  1. My first person is Saara_K
  2. Jayfeather310
  3. Dark22978 Thanks for giving me this account and Daffodil3000
  4. Matmail
  5. BCJfan
  6. Lilsavage
  7. Katqueen45
  8. Dracomalfoyfan
  9. Donald trump jk Raven
  10. Paige_
  11. SkyKirin

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