Should You Join the Math Game Prodigy?

I told you in What House Pet Are You that I would make a quiz on whether you should go on my favorite computer game-Prodigy-and here it is! finally, I had it come out and even if you should get a no you still must go on it it is so cool! and there is a bad guy named-no, not Voldemort-The Puppet Master!

prodigy do celebrations each holiday, like Pumpkinfest, Snowfest, Springfest, and more! you will definitely love it! you can buy stuff, collect stuff, and more-but only when you click: New Student. I hope you read this!

Created by: Viola Cockcroft

  1. Do you get top grades in school during math?
  2. how old are you?
  3. what is your #1 favorite color?
  4. do you like video games?
  5. do you like to dress up people online?
  6. What do you think about math problems?
  7. What about collecting?
  8. Doing missions?
  9. How about making online houses to your satisfaction?
  10. finally, do you like going to really cool zones where there are treasure chests to open and take?

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Quiz topic: Should I Join the Math Game Prodigy?