Should you get fat?

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Everyone, big or small, has a desired weight. Whether it be super skinny to near-immobility. Everyone is on the weight spectrum. This quiz will help the undecided in their choice!

Please remember that this quiz won’t be entirely accurate and could actually be wrong. But if you do find this helpful please write a comment on the quiz! Enjoy!

Created by: Emily

  1. Does your dream career need a healthy body to do?
  2. Are you aware of what illnesses you can get from obesity. Are you okay with them?
  3. Would you be able to handle the reactions to your growth?
  4. Do you have a fetish for weight gain?
  5. What is your dream weight?
  6. (RP) You wake up to see you have gained about 100~ pounds. How do you react.
  7. (RP) It’s the holiday season and you are spending your time at Grandma’s house. Over the month you are given tons of unhealthy food. How much do you eat?
  8. (RP) You are given the opportunity to get as much money as possible. The catch it that you have to put on 10 pounds for every $100. How much do you weigh after words? [You start at 100lbs]
  9. (RP) You live in a country where the fatter you are, the more powerful you are. What rank are you?
  10. (RP) You are locked inside a chamber. For every second you are in the chamber, you gain 1lb. How much do you weigh at the end? You start at a nice thicc 130lbs
  11. Your SO wants you to get fat! How do you respond?

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Quiz topic: Should I get fat?