Should You Get An American Girl Doll?

There are lots of American Girl Dolls, but they cost lots of money. What is an American Girl Doll? It is a doll who looks and works just like you!

Do your parents say you are to old for dolls, there to expensive, or you don't need one? Find out if you should get get one in just a few minutes by taking this quiz!

Created by: American Girl Doll Lover

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender
  3. Have you ever played with a friends or siblings American Girl Doll?
  4. What is the Abbreviation For "American Girl" ?
  5. Where do you want to have your birthday at?
  6. Pick one
  7. Do you want to quit this quiz?
  8. How long have you known about American Girl Dolls?
  9. How are you feeling about your results?
  10. Did you enjoy thus quiz?

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Quiz topic: Should I Get An American Girl Doll?