Should you get a bunny rabbit?

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Do you think you should get a rabbit? Then take this quiz to find out. This quiz is a quiz that will determine if you should get a bunny or not please comment your result!

I would like to know if you enjoyed this quiz. After you take it please feel free to tell me your thoughts and opinions. If something you spotted is wrong also tell me.

Created by: Bunnylover303

  1. How much time are you looking to spend with it?
  2. Would you get more than 1 rabbit?
  3. If you were going off what would you do with your rabbit?
  4. Would your rabbit be disturbed?
  5. How much space would your rabbit have?
  6. Do you have any other pets?
  7. How much exercise will it get?
  8. Are you a first time rabbit owner?
  9. Where will your rabbits hutch be?
  10. Last question, do you know anyone with tips and tricks?

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Quiz topic: Should I get a bunny rabbit?