Is A Bunny Right For You?

This quiz will hopefully help you decide if you really want a bunny. I tried to cover everything on what to expect on owning a rabbit. Be honest with your answers for more accurate results!

Bunnies are great pets as they are often underrated. Lots of pet stores make bunny owning easy and cheap. They can also promote not suitable pet products to bunnies you need to be aware of.

Created by: yea yeet
  1. Have you taken care of pets before?
  2. Are you willing with cleaning out the litter box 2-3 days a week? Giving them fresh water every day? Giving them a variety of fresh food? Giving them access to hay 24/7? Go above and beyond; like giving them treats, enrichments?
  3. How much time are you willing to bond/interact time with them?
  4. Bunnies need a lot of space for stimulation, to be happy and for exercise. How much space are you willing to give them?
  5. Do you mind bunny fur literally being EVERYWHEREEEEEE yes, occasionally in your eyes and mouth too.
  6. Are you sure your lifestyle fits your bunny's needs? You can't be leaving them at home all alone for eight hours a day.
  7. (This one doesn't matter if you own a house) Are you sure your landlord will allow bunnies?
  8. Can you imagine yourself with a bunny in 10+ years? They live a long time!
  9. Why are you thinking of getting one?
  10. Are you willing to brush them monthly? This process is long and messy! You want to thoroughly brush them.
  11. How much research have you done on owning a bunny?
  12. Are you willing to pay expensive pet bills if your bunny unexpectedly gets sick?
  13. Bunnies have a fast metabolism so they poop a lot, leaving a decent amount of poop that needs to be swept up. The hay also gets everywhere. Does this bother you?
  14. Are you willing to bring your bunny for a yearly vet visit?
  15. Bunny's teeth never stop growing which means you have to give them chew toys to keep the teeth trimmed. Sometimes bunny's don't chew the first chew toy you give them so it can be a trial and error kind of thing. Are you still willing to get a bunny?

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