What rabbit type should you buy?

This will tell you if you are ready to have 3 different types of rabbits. (I was too lazy to put more.) The three types that I put are a Sussex Rabbit, A Silver Fox Rabbit, and a Lionhead Rabbit.

I hope you like my quiz! Also if you choose to get a rabbit then please do some research first because this quiz is NOT perfect. So please do research first.

Created by: Lynn

  1. Do you want a fluffy rabbit?
  2. What color do you want your rabbit to be?
  3. What eye color do you want your rabbit to have?
  4. Do you want you rabbit to be soft?
  5. How big do you want your rabbit to be?
  6. Do you want your rabbit to be friendly?
  7. What rabbit do you want?
  8. Do you want a rabbit that snuggles?
  9. Will you groom your rabbit everyday?
  10. How much time will you be able to spend with your rabbit?

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Quiz topic: What rabbit type should I buy?