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  • Your Result: You are 100% Wrong for America 78%

    Please seek passage out of the country as soon as possible. You probably would like Nigeria better. You might try saving the rain forest in Sudan. lol

    75% You belong, 100% on a space station.
    34% You are 45% right for America.
    15% You are 90% Right for America

    Perfect. That's the score I wanted. I'll get passage back to my rightful place (Europe) ASAP. Without the USA, the planet would recover a lot faster from the damage that Humanity's doing to it, no joke. America has, by far, the worst carbon footprint both per capita and overall in the entire world. You can see the best sunsets in Britain almost as well as you can in Alaska anyway.

  • F**K AMERICA!Go sux micheal jackson&Chris Martin(Coldplay) and listen 2 some SlipKnoT.AMERICA IS A KILLING NAME IT DOSEN'T FEEL OR DISCRIMINATE!!

  • I wish I had gotten i am 100% wrong for america but instead I got you are right 45% america darn lol

  • same as misskiss, proud to be american, proud NO TO BE the american you want, idiot

  • i lived here all my life and i'm 100% wrong for america. lol.


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