Should you be a gainer?

Hiiiii! I made this quiz for my wannabe gainers out there to see if they really want to be a gainer. Watching the numbers on the scale go up is so much fun! Have fun!!

I am 5'4, 220 lbs and 45 inches around my belly. I enjoy the fat life and want to gain more weight, and I added a few questions about if I should become a gainer. Most of it is for you! Have fun!

Created by: Fatty Jazzi

  1. Do you want to gain tons of weight? Why?
  2. Have you ever dreamt about being fat or gaining weight rapidly?
  3. If you woke up 100 pounds heavier and had a huge pillowy belly, what would you do?
  4. If you just randomly gained 300 lbs, what would you do?
  5. In what point in your gain would you stop gaining?
  6. How fat am i? I'm 5'4, and weigh 225 lbs. No point are added or deducted for how fat you think I am
  7. How much should I gain/loose? No points are added or deducted for how much I should gain or loose.
  8. Are fat people cool?
  9. What do you wear around your house?
  10. Do you like so pop buttons on your shirts/pants or burst the seams and rip your clothes? (I won't judge. I love when it happens because it feels so good for my belly to flop on my lap and grow from there.)
  11. How much do you eat?
  12. My belly is 45 inchs around. Should I gain or loose weight? (I want my belly to be 50+ inches around.) No effect on your answer.
  13. Do you think you should be a gainer?
  14. Should I become a gainer? ( I eat until I have popped a button, and then some. I want to get 100 lbs heavier. I want my belly to [at the least] spill on my thighs more when I sit down. About the mid thigh. I love to eat and eat and eat some more. I want to be a lot fatter and my belly a lot bigger than it is. It is right now the size of a huge beach ball and a half. I am attracted to big females [yes I am female too.] I'd love to be tied down and tube fed until my clothes rip. I love watching the scale numbers go up, too.) this will not effect you answer.
  15. Did you like my first quiz? No effect on your score.

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Quiz topic: Should I be a gainer?

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