How well do u know naruto?

I was inspired to do this quiz by a dream I had so jeah...oh jeah and a friend because he made a quiz and I wanted to too! So I guess that's what this website wanted to know I think so I'm happy but damn amount of letters aaaaaaaahhhaha ahaha ahaa aha

If you do this quiz you must really think you are cool hay!!!well if u watch naruto you are already cool so man chill don't worry about what people say at school or work screw them!!!

Created by: GhostkillaACR98

  1. How many times can naruto use his rasen shuriken jutsu in sage mode?
  2. Who is the forth hokage?
  3. Who is "the copy ninja"?
  4. Does the fifth hokage(tsunade) use medical ninjutsu?
  5. What happens when u use the reaper death seal?
  6. What is kakashi's sharingan capable of performing???....
  7. Is kakashi hatake able to summon ameterasu?
  8. What does might guy always call himself?
  9. Who is sasukes brother?
  10. What nature releases is kakashi able to use?
  11. Who is rock lee's sensei?
  12. What is the second hokages name?
  13. what happened the day naruto was born?
  14. Is sakura a girl?
  15. Who did team 7 consist of?
  16. How was the quiz?

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