How Much You Know of Naruto

There are people who know allot about Naruto and some who don't know anything about it. Please don't be the person who thinks they know it all, but they don't know anything. Can you become a 100% expert or will you be a 45% expert? Find out now!

Are you really an expert of the series Naruto? Do you have the knowledge that others don't obtain? Until now, those questions will be answered. Just take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Nicholette
  1. When was the first time Sasuke and Naruto met? (Hint: It's in Shippipuden.)
  2. Who are the girls that don't like Sasuke?
  3. What happened to Naruto's parents?
  4. Who is Sakura's best friend and rival?
  5. What was Chouji's problem as a young kid?
  6. What two words are described for Shikamaru?
  7. What is Ino's specialty?
  8. Who does Kiba always looks after
  9. Who is Hinata's cousin and sister?
  10. What happened to the Uchiha Clan? Which Uchiha was more effective with the event and wants to avenge it?
  11. Who gave Sasuke the cursed mark?
  12. Who were Naruto's opponents in the Chunin Exams?
  13. What happened at the end of Sasuke & Naruto's fight?
  14. Now for Shippipuden. Which Akautsui member went against Shikamaru to avenge Asuma?
  15. In Taka,who was first introduced from Sasuke?
  16. What did Sugetsui want to retrieve?
  17. Now that the war started, what is Naruto needed to do for Itachi?

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