Which Naruto Character are you?

There are many Naruto Characters but one of them describes you and you want to find out right? Well, i`m shore you do and you probaly want to have cool justu or whatever so this is a quiz i made for everyone so share this with your friends.

Do you like Naruto? Do you watch it all the time and can`t get anough? Do you wish you were in the show Naruto? well if you do try my quiz it is short and free.

Created by: Ethan Grant
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  1. You are atacked by 3 ninjas what do you do?
  2. You see the ramen shop close what do you do?
  3. You are asked on a date from sakura what do you say?
  4. You are kidnapped what do you do?
  5. You are looking for a mission what type are you looking for?
  6. what is your favorite color?
  7. what do you like to do in your free time?
  8. what is your favorite food?
  9. Your favorite game
  10. do you like someone who does not like you?

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Character am I?