¿which naruto character do you resemble?

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first if you know aboute naruto some question arent confusing if not well just try it and remember this is for fun so know "¿which naruto character do you resemble?"

Do you have the cualitis to resemble a caracter or do you not find out take my quiz and find it out so what uou waiting get to it dont get mad after the resulted

Created by: rapcore rapter

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats youre favrite food
  2. youre handsome ¿wuold you take advantige of it
  3. ¿witch jutsus youre favorite?
  4. last question¿witch kunochi es prettier ?
  5. just kiding ¿whos youre dad
  6. whats youre special ability
  7. in battle whats what you wuold do first
  8. whitch clan do you belong to
  9. ninja way
  10. who do consider youre sensei

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Quiz topic: ¿which naruto character do I resemble?