Should you adopt a cat or a dog?

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Hello! Should you get a cute, fluffy dog or a mewing, sweet, cuddly cat? I always make accurate quizzes-well, most of the time, anyway. Please take my comments into consideration.

SIDE NOTE: Please rate a fair number of stars and comment. I never seem to become a Junior. I’m stuck at Novice. Thanks a ton. And please, please have fun!

Created by: ShadowFigure3000
  1. Okay, okay, okay. I am going to start by a very easy one. I know you are used to it by now but… what’s your favourite colour out of these?
  2. Another easy, often-asked question… what is your favourite animal? (These questions all have an effect, they are not filler!)
  3. Do you think that you have a lot of free time to play, or take care of your kids, or do… well, whatever your hobbies are?
  4. Is there a lot of free space in your house? Places both wide and long enough for a fat guy to run?
  5. Do you have little kids/younger siblings/adopted kids that are younger than ten or eleven but older than one or two? (Or are you in that age range)
  6. Do you like small animals that don’t require a lot of attention, like hamsters, rats, fish or mouses?
  7. Do you want the least amount of noise possible so that you can think, write, read, or work more clearly?
  8. Now I am going to ask some-well, just two-questions that have absolutely no effect at all, also known as filler questions! Do you like to grow long hair a lot?
  9. Would you prefer video games, books, TV or handwritten short stories that come from a very close friend? I promise you, after this question the rest won’t be filler.
  10. Normally this is the last one, but… are you excited to get my SUPER PERSONALIZED, super accurate results or not?
  11. What kind of domesticated animal do YOU truly want to adopt as your pet? I know you have a wish, or at least an idea in the bottom of your heart.
  12. This one really makes a big impact! Have you ever token other quizzes like this one in the same site? If you have, what was your result?
  13. Are you social, outgoing, loud, or just has lots of close friends, relatives, or online pals that you just happened to meet in the GoToQuiz Forums?
  14. Are you scared of many things that most people around you are absolutely not scared of, like furry creatures or big, loud dogs?
  15. And finally, do you like cute, adorable, big-eyed furry creatures that live in your neighbourhood, forest or city?

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Quiz topic: Should I adopt a cat or a dog?