Should we be friends?

Hey guys! I'm Mia but I have an acount called User! I need some friends so I've made a quiz to determine if you, yes you, can be my friend or colleage! This quiz asks some simple questions that you should answer honestly. Then when you're finished, hit submit and read the instructions on the result! You will be at least slightly pleased by this quiz.

I hope you like it!!! Now, let's see if you can be my bff! Wait, wait! Hold up! I still don't have enough characters!! I wonder why they make you write so many! Ok, I have enough now. Wew!

Created by: flower kPoppygir

  1. Ok first, do you like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or A Series of Unfortunate events?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Are you hyper and crazy/funny?
  4. Do you like to sing/act?
  5. Do you like to talk?
  6. Do you like to make quizzes.
  7. What grade are you in?
  8. Do you like to troll?
  9. If we were friends, would you look for my threads and chat with me?
  10. Thank you guys so much for taking this.
  11. Did you like this?
  12. Will you rate?
  13. Bye!

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