What dog breed matches you?

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Dogs are humans best friends.But which is your best friend.Soon below this description you will find a genuis quiz on dogs.I am a natural dog gal!MY user name is cats because I share this acount!

Dogs are the best I've got 4!I love them.An Akita,King Charles Spainel,Dalmation and a bulldog.Those aren't in the quiz!Go get your perfect doggie!Thx

Created by: cats
  1. Your perfect pet must be.......
  2. Your home is....
  3. Small dog?
  4. BIG dog?
  5. Do you have time to groom?
  6. A park/Feild near by?
  7. Do you have kids?
  8. Want to stand out in a community?
  9. A nice or agressive?
  10. Female or male?(no effects)
  11. Do you live in a cold place or more of tropical?
  12. Last one:Why do you like dogs?

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