should i tell my crush i like him/her?

you probably wonder why i chose this topic? i chose it because it happend to me! i wondered so many times, should i tell my crush i like him? it finally paid off and i found me a boyfriend. it was worth it to!

do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend/ if not, why? take this quiz and you might find you a perfect match. it worked for me so it might work for you to!

Created by: lindsey

  1. what would happen if i told my crush i like them?
  2. how would my parents react?
  3. would he hurt me if we got in a serious relationship?
  4. does he/she have another boyfriend/girlfriend?
  5. would others make fun of me?
  6. would he/she get into a fight with another person because he/she wants who you like?
  7. would i be able to trust him/her?
  8. would he/she dump me the first time i didn't do something he/she wanted to do?
  9. would he/she like the same things i like?
  10. did you enjoy this quiz?

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