DOES your crush likes you

hello you, thats right im talking to you. do you have a crush on somebody? i am sure you do if you are a teen..:O do you want to know if your crush really likes you ? common try this quiz that can help you. hope you enjoy

Many people want to know if their crush likes them back before they make their first move. we all dont like rejection so take this quiz which is 99% accurate( if you answered it correctly) and you will find out if they like you ;)

Created by: heartbrokenloner

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  1. Does your crush hides when they see you?
  2. Does their friends look act strange when they see you.
  3. What do they do when you find them alone.
  4. Do they try to talk to you?
  5. Do they know that you like/love them?
  6. Do they know you?
  7. who are you thinking of right now? this moment..?
  8. how do you feel when you get closer to them?
  9. IS this quiz good? if so would you rate this quiz?
  10. Do you think you can make great couples with your crush? ( good luck)

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Quiz topic: DOES my crush likes you