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  • Today my bestie is moving to Springfield,Missour i and I like this boy name Terry. I know he likes me a bit like as small as an ant but I think he likes my bestie better, I think but they look like normal friends but I get jealous A LOT!!! While we were playing "Silent Ball" with my friends, Terry hit my eye with a small stuffed basketball. Even though it was a stuffed ball, it hurt a lot. So I was mad so I ignore him the rest of the day and he keeps following me saying, "Are you mad?" "I'm sorry" "Are you ignoring me?" "Do you hate me?" "I'm really really sorry, so please don't ignore me!" "Hit me back!" and he followed me the whole day and no matter what he said I was still mad,sad,annoyed and pissed because it was MY CRUSH who hurt me and after he hurt me he said "Well...She was the one who wasn't paying attention". The stuffed basketball didn't really hurt me but his words hurt me a lot. :( I feel bad for him though, but I'm really hurt! I feel like, he doesn't like me or doesn't even think of me that way. I'll just give up on him, I'll try :( I might not succeed because I like him SO MUCH and now it hurts. :(

  • Great quiz! I love it :) could you, if willing to, help me with my crush problem??? Please I really need help. Just ask for details and I will tell you them, I just really need help. Thanks and again, I love your quiz its great! :)

  • Eric and Brian I have feelings for you guys.. I'm sorry I know you won't like me back :/

  • This helped a ton


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