Shopping: Superdry

A lot of people say that they know everything about the latest trends and everything that has to do wit fashion. But not all of them are, you should really be a frequent shopper to be one of these persons.

Do you think you know everything about fashion? Are you a fashionata as they call it? Well then, prove it, thanks to this quiz, everybody will know how hip you are and how much you know about Superdry!!

Created by: Lotte
  1. Superdry is inspired by a trip to a certain city, which city?
  2. There are several countries where Superdry will deliver their clothing when you order it on their site. How many countries have this opportunity?
  3. Which fact about creating clothes is also important according to Superdry? (besides creating unique clothing)
  4. Which delivery service does Superdry use for Belgium?
  5. How long does it takes to deliver a piece of clothing to Belgium?
  6. By what are the designers of Superdry influenced?
  7. Which of the next parfumes consists the smell of mandarin?
  8. Which brand of cars designed a car for Superdry? Hint: see superdry blog
  9. What's the prize you can win by signing up for their newsletter?
  10. For who doesn't they make clothes?

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